We supply quality cooking oil

Zijani UCO

We hygienically collect all your used cooking oil waste

cooking oil waste collection

Green fuels Processing

we transform your used cooking oil to renewable Green fuel (Bio Diesel)


We are more than just a waste business

Zijani is dedicated to recycling of waste cooking oil to more sustainable and renewable products.
We have a firm principle of conserving our environment and the belief that waste has a value and humanity has a responsibility and knowhow to identify that value. Zijani has invested in facilities and personnel to add value to the waste from the hospitality industry and provide products back into the industry.


Our local drivers supply clean B100 biodiesel fuel right to your door and they can also collect your used cooking oil at the same time.


Our drivers are registered to collect used cooking oil. We have worked hard to develop a reliable collection service that takes the time and hassle out of recovering your waste cooking oil.


Everything we collect is recycled or converted into renewable energy; nothing goes to waste. We do this through our network of highly trained manpower with the appropriate know how coupled with relevant technology at our conversion plant in Nairobi, Kenya.